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About the Garden

Beginning in 1994 The Somerville Community Growing Center was created in collaboration with local non-profits, community agencies, and the city government in hopes to serve as a model for healthy land use. The Center serves as a green space to nurture community unity by way of environmental education and cultural engagement with the diverse community of Somerville.

The Center focuses largely on engaging local youth by serving as an education center, providing lessons and after-school programs on various cultural issues, the natural world, and community service. The Center is also partnered with the Cummings School in order to utilize the local space. Furthermore, the Center works to enrich cultural diversity by coordinating seasonal concerts, festivals, and educational programs for the local community. 

Throughout the Community Growing Center's property, one can find various culturally-significant crops, which have been very popular among the community. The Center provides an inviting space for individuals of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds, and welcomes all who wish to learn more about crop diversity and community agriculture. The Growing Center is almost entirely reliant on volunteers in order to manage and maintain the garden, and welcomes anyone who wishes to contribute to the communal goal of community gardening in the celebration of cultural diversity. 





Red Shiso (Cambodian)

Lemon Balm






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Interested in the Project?


Or Visit the Center:

22 Vinal Ave.

Somerville, MA 02142

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