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Tufts University Announces the Relaunch of the Urban Food Stories Website​



Urban Food Stories


Urban Food Stories: 

Rachel Brunner:

Master of Public Policy, Tufts University 


Julian Agyeman:

Professor of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning, Tufts University


Tufts University Announces the Relaunch of the Urban Food Stories Website​


MEDFORD, MA, May 24, 2021 - The Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning Department at Tufts University announces the relaunching of the Urban Food Stories Project,  Urban Food Stories is a community storytelling website that highlights the unique and important food traditions of the individuals around us. Through interviews, photographs, and recipes, these stories intend to broaden the narratives of the “Alternative Food Movement” to make it more inclusive.  


Since 2013, the project has grown from featuring stories close to Tufts University from the Dudley Street Neighborhood to now featuring stories from across the United States and the world.  The Urban Food Stories website currently features 22 uniquely powerful stories from farmers, gardeners, chefs, advocates and organizers.  The World Crop Index within the site highlights crops not commonly grown in the United States which suit the needs and cultures of the community.  The Links page guides visitors to other projects from around the world that align with the Urban Food Stories mission to share stories of food and community.


Urban Food Stories is committed to ensuring each storyteller has control over their story, how it is told and where it is shared.  As storytellers join the project, Urban Food Stories invites others to join in conversations of storytelling ethics to collaboratively develop the website and provide inspiration and solidarity to growers, cooks, students, activists, and faculty.  We are telling stories everyday, but only certain stories are being heard. Urban Food Stories intends to use storytelling as a tool to challenge dominant narratives of race, class, and sex in the food movement by bringing a multitude of voices to the table.


To view the Urban Food Stories website, read stories of food justice, view the World Crop Index, and connect to other organizations working toward food justice through storytelling, visit


To follow Urban Food Stories on Twitter, visit or search for @urbanfoodstory.


To contribute a story, photo collection, video, recipe, or other media to the Urban Food Stories website, please email

To share any stories beyond the Urban Food Stories website, please email to connect with the storyteller and receive permission.

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