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Rashid Nuri, Urban Farmer

Video by Sarah Khan

Photos courtesy of Truly Living Well and Sarah Khan

Interview with Rashid Nuri

Truly Living Well is an urban agriculture initiative in Atlanta, GA. Founded by Rashid Nuri in 2006, they have been working in the community to connect people with the land and provide fresh food. Located in shadows of Atlanta's skyscrapers, Truly Living Well's Wheat Street Garden, one of three farm sites, is a center for community engagement, education, and economic development. Through farmer training programs, a CSA with discounted programs for seniors and SNAP/EBT recipients, they help provide afforble, fresh food to the community. 

The world would be a much better place if people sat down together and ate food as a community



-Rashid Nuri

Rashid Nuri, President of Truly Living Well has a long career in government and private sector. In this short film clip, Nuri describes why all people should have a right to healthy food, urban or rural, and he shares how he and his community are doing it in the heart of downtown Atlanta.

This video was published on Zester Daily. For more videos and to view Sarah Khan's research on the historical exclusion of farmers of color, visit Sarah Khan's website.  

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