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The Welcome Project

Mystic Community Garden, Somerville, MA


About the Garden

The Welcome Project is a Somerville-based organization which utilizes the collective power of the Somerville immigrants to shape the community. Through program development, the Welcome Project works to encourage immigrant youth, adults, and families to advocate for themselves. Based at the Mystic Public Housing Development, The Welcome Project team engages with many immigrants looking to participate in community service, and provides other civic opportunities for those living in the community. 

The Mystic Community Garden was originally developed to provide opportunities for residents of the Mystic Public Housing Development to grow fresh vegetables. Residents are provided a designated plot within the garden space to grow their own fruits and vegetables. The garden is run by a steering committee that oversees the garden and designates plots and community tasks.

The Welcome Project also hosts their yearly fundraiser, "YUM", which features food from the entire Somerville community, such as Ethiopian, Mexican and Indian cuisine; this is an opportunity for the community participants to not only see the value of cultural diversity within their community, but also of the value of diverse urban agriculture on the Somerville dining table.

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